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Faith Scriptures

Scriptures to help us see the importance of living by faith

Meditation scriptures

Just a bookmark of some favorite verses to think about.

Slfc 7/8/10 God is our stronghold.

God has you in His grip. God is near the brokenhearted. God is your rock and salvation. You wouldn't be where you are if God hadn't helped you. God is always faithful. Whatever can be shaken will be.

Slfc Feb 21st Abide in the vine

God has called us to consistancy, it comes by spending time meditating on the word and staying conneected with God in prayer. If we do our part God is faithful to do His part.

SLFC Jan 24 2010 Mark Cullen on Worship

We were made for worship. Worship is an expression. We are set free on the inside when we express our praise and worship. God can speak to you in praise.

Slfc March 7 2010 Our Growth

Our growth is first in private then public. When God comes in change comes. To abide means to stay in a given place with a sense of expectancy. Eternal impact is our goal.

Slfc May 16th Bounce back ability

Press through in God.

SLFC New Years Eve 1 Corinthians 9:26

Forget what lies behind and deliberately press forward. Identify the target Go for it. Humble yourself then humble yourself some more. Persevere. Be goal oriented.

Slfc (Patsy Caminetti) 7/4/10

Citizens of heaven. We are citizens of the kingdom of God, a kingdom that has no end. Our laws are unchanging, Our leader is good, kind, always right. He is the only one who can make one truly free.

SLFC Sunday Dec 20 09 Love

Love- The more excellent way. Everything should be done in love. Love in action. Love is on purpose.

SLFC Sunday Dec 27 11:15 LOVE

God is Love. It is the more excellent way. It is the height of all our Christian experience. It is to be diliberate. Be consistant in Love

SLFC Sunday Feb 7 Unstopping the wells

Removing the blockages. What hinders you? Rivers of living water are to flow from us. If they aren't God want's to show us why.

SLFC Sunday Jan 10 2010 11:15

Be convinced of God's love. The enemy will always attack us where we are uncertain.

SLFC Sunday Jan 17 2010 11:15

Love is the more excellent way. God's love extends to everyone not just those we like.

SLFC Sunday Jan 31 2010 9:30

Break up the follow ground. It will increase our affectiveness. It takes effort for the breakthrough. Do whatever it takes to remove blockages and wieghts.

Who I am in Christ

In Christ scriptures

For Daily Encouragement

These are verses I run to frequently for strength, comfort, guidance.

God Desires Obedience

Reminder that I am responsible to obey Him because of who He is, and my love for Him. To observe His ways and give preference to His ways over my own.