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Kerry Layton



Abundant Love

God has an everlasting Love for me. He demonstrated this by giving his only Son in exchange for my sin.

A Reciprocal Life

God provides abundance, but to tap into the fullness of the Kingdom of God we need to seek, give, pursue and confess.


Here are some chapters in the Bible that I have read hundreds of times and that still bring me hope and strength.

Confident and Competent Through Christ

To be effective in life, we need to live in a constant awareness of His power and favor that is available to us.

Death to Life

God is awesome to take things that seem to be hopeless, lifeless, and beyond repair and bring them back from the dead as we trust and have faith in Him.


Many times life becomes hard. People are mean, things don't go my way. I have to live by the Word, especially in these times. God does not change. His Word is true.


It is April 1 and I wanted to see what the Wisdom books have to say about Fools.

Friend of God

I want to become a better friend of God. He sees me as a friend and wants to spend time with me and tell me things.

God is Not a Liar

God gave us his "Word." When we rightly divide the Word of truth, and have faith in what he promised, we will receive. Our circumstance is not the truth, his Word is truth.

God's Word

People perish for lack of knowledge. God's Word provides everything we need for life and Godliness through the knowledge of His Word.

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is an intricate part of the trinity. Why do we not know more about Him? How can I know Him more?

Hope against Hope

When there is little evidence for hope, we (I) have to put hope in the living God. He is the God of hope. We stand in faith inspired by hope. He will deliver.


Definition: The emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires. God desires us to possess Joy.


Through the knowledge of God, I have discernment and wisdom to enable me to make good decisions. I can be confident that I KNOW what to do.

Magnify God

Realizing and then reminding myself that God is bigger than my problem and if I stand on his Word I will see results.

Mercy Daily

I am very thankful for the mercy of God that triumphs over judgment.


We live in a world filled with fear and anxiety. Peace is a rare commodity, but one that is available through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Plan for Life

God has a plan. My part is to know the Word of God, apply it in my life by faith, and to be led by the Holy Spirit.


When we receive Jesus as Lord and Savior we also get His power. As joint heirs and sons, we have the authority that comes from His name and what He did on the cross for us.

Protection and Safety

God is our refuge from harm. We do not have to fear. We have authority in the name of Jesus to speak his Word into our circumstances which will deliver us and keep us safe.


God strengthens us to run the race. We can be bold to run to the battle!


I need to be on guard 24/7. Standing firm in the word of God.


When I look at the stars I know I serve a big God and that even though He is big enough to make the universe and everything in it – He still knows me and loves me. Wow.


Life is a daily endeavor that requires me to keep my eyes on my eternal vision and purpose. To do this effectively, I have to let God help me every step of the way along life's path.


I want to be successful. That means that I fulfill the plan that God has laid out for me. At the end of my life when I stand before God, I want to hear, "well done."

The Battle for Your Mind

I gathered these verses primarily as ammunition against Alzheimer's disease, but they are also appropriate for battling fear, anxiety, and deception and wrong thinking.

The drought is over

God is bringing the water of the word to nourish and provide for us. It will not return to him without accomplishing what it was sent to do.

Today is the Day

Today is the day God made just for me. I will trust Him to lead me and I will be happy knowing He loves me.


God's Word is Truth. Jesus called the Holy Spirit the Spirit of Truth. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. When we hold to His teaching, we will know the truth, and it will set us free.

Wait for it...

Not something we want to hear, but God makes us wait. With faith and patience we inherit the promises. But there is always a reward for putting our hope in God.

WFWF (Worry Free, Word First)

Good sermon on Sunday about Worry. We defeat worry by getting the Word into our hearts and heads.

Wise counsel

I went to an early morning meeting this week with some business men. We all spoke about what was happening and then prayed. It reminded me of some good verses on wise counsel.

A New Day

He is the God of the second chance, giving us fresh, new beginnings. He makes all things new.

Be Passionate

Be full of passion and zeal for the kingdom. Care about what He cares about. Pursue zeal with knowledge, and beware false zeal. Surely God is worthy of enthusiasm! Passion is contagious.

Bible verses about God's Provision

God promised to provide our needs, these are some great verses to stand on when resources seem limited...

Commit Your Ways to God

Reminders of the importance and value of submitting my thoughts, words, and actions to God in everything I do, big and small.

Encouragement to Fill My Mouth with God's Word

To speak the word as I meditate on it, to hold fast my confession so that my mind may be renewed. To direct and focus my attention toward God's thoughts rather than my own murmurings.

Epistle Prayers

Prayers from Paul's letters to the churches. I try to pray these daily.

Fear Not!

When I place my trust in God, I need not be afraid or worry. God is for me

God is Comfort

When I mourn, am downcast, hurt, I can come to God for comfort.

God Loves Me

Sometimes it's the most basic of beliefs that needs strengthening.

God's Faithfulness

For when I need reminding of God's faithfulness to His purposes, His word, His people, and me. God is faithful and I can trust Him!

God's Promises are Sure

God is faithful to His promises and He cannot lie. I can have full confidence in His word.

I am In Christ

Verses talking about who I am, what I have, and what I can do now that my identity is "In Christ". In Him verses.

More Than a Conqueror

When I humble myself to God's ways, I know I will be victorious. Bible verses about my position of victory, conquering, overcoming, and success in Jesus.

Reminder to Renew My Mind

I need to regularly remember to renew my mind by setting my affections on Him, thinking on His thoughts, speaking His words, and resisting the contrary influences of the world.


God is loving and good - Seek Him. If you have experience God's love and goodness, keep seeking. There is more.

Seven Redemptive Names of God

7 names describing Jehovah's nature: Jireh (provide), Rapha (heal), Nissi (banner), Shalom (peace), Ra-ah (shepherd), Tsidkenu (righteousness), Shammah (present)

When I Need Strength

Verses to power me up when I'm feeling depleted or incapable.